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Why Top Quality?

We guarantee Top Quality Korean translations!
Our company name "Quality Korean Inc." says it all!

* The owner and project managers are all top-level translators themselves.

* Our project managers are different: most technical translators are not very good at writing, but our translators and editors have LITERATURE translation experience. Furthermore, they work with ease in carrying out bilateral translation <Korean->English> and <English->Korean>, whereas the staff of most other companies are competent in only one direction. It is obvious that operational comfort in both linguistic directions helps a great deal to improve quality and secure accuracy.

* Experience translations which surpass the source language: we suggest better expressions, point out mistakes, and improve the text in all aspects.

* We are very familiar with the advanced and complicated quality control systems of leading countries, including Computer-aided translation (Trados, etc.), back-translation, glossary management, etc.

Our Quality Editing & Proofreading

Our translators are highly qualified experts, and yet all texts are subject to an exhaustive editing and proofreading process, thus ensuring a well polished finished work. Each project is passed through 3 - 5 experts en route to becoming a refined translation at Quality Korean Inc.

Our sincere editors never rely on automated spelling and grammar checks, but closely scan every sentence with a careful attention to detail. In addition they do not just correct mistakes, but consider all possible avenues to create better expressions and improve upon existing language. We do not allow the merely acceptablewe aim for perfection.

< Checklist >
Cultural Consideration
Prevent any cultural misunderstandings & streamline for target market(s)
Considering Audience
Meet characteristics of audience
Consistent Format
Keep format consistent throughout all documents
Word Choice
Come up with better expressions
Prevent grammatical mistakes
Use standard spelling throughout
Check word by word for accuracy
Make sure intended meaning is conveyed without confusion
Technical Review
Technical points checked by technology-savvy experts
Linguistic Review
Dedicated review by native linguistic specialists



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