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For global companies and multi-language vendors, we provide top-level website localization solutions at unbeatable rates.

Website localization involves more than just simple translation. In fact it's kind of a cross between translation and software localization. Of course the straight text of a website must be translated, but usually there is 'hidden' code which also requires attention. Such a task includes integrating the translated text into an existing HTML format, formatting all images to include any necessary foreign language text, translating the web site's META tags (keywords, description, etc.), and translating any ASP or other dynamic codes which may not show up on the printed pages of the website.

< Our Website Localization Process >
Analyzing web technologies including multimedia technologies
Analyzing in terms of language and culture
Analyzing services and products the website offers
Analyzing potential customers and target countries of the website
Selecting the PM and translator(s) who best suit the website
Translating content, graphics and multimedia files, including Flash,
    ASP, JSP, CGI, JavaScript, Java and VB Script, and database
    files such as MS SQL>
Control &
Strict editing & proofreading by web-savvy & language-proficient
    experts in technology
Overall quality control
Upon request, we are pleased to provide a full turnkey service
    for the localization of your site - we will handle everything
    from document translation to uploading the files onto your server.


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