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Our top-quality software localization service is customized expressly to help you meet all professional requirements including budget, schedule, and specific areas of localization.

With their extensive localization experience and command of the latest technology, our team of dedicated translation & engineering experts and quality managers are waiting to satisfy your every demand.

Our S/W Localization Process
Analyzing source software
Word counting
Building glossary
Executing translation according to glossary
Daily distribution of glossary updates to translators
Editing, Proofreading (for mistranslation, typos, style errors, grammar, etc.)
Resizing dialogs, Debugging, Compiling
Testing links, function, shape and content
Testing on Korean OS

Available Platforms
Windows: 95, 98, 2000, XP and NT
UNIX: Sun Solaris and Linux

File Formats
Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access
Adobe FrameMaker
RC (Microsoft Visual C++)
HLP, CHM (Windows Help)
ASCII Text, and more...


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