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As a major translation partner for HP, MS, Computer Associates etc., Quality Korean provides you with top-quality translation services in all technical arenas.

Most technical translations, when viewed from a perspective of literary skill, show themselves to be either poorly refined or hastily written. However our experts fully satisfy in terms of both technical understanding and linguistic excellence, through their dedicated and professional editing and proofreading.

We have worked on numerous technical projects including:

HP (All-in-one, CD-Writer, Digital Camera, Deskjet, Jornadas, Laserjet, Pavilion, Supplies, Scanjet, etc.)

Microsoft (e-Learning, Windows, Office, Xbox, etc.)
Computer Associates (Total Protection Suite, etc.)
NetScreen (Catalogues: One-stop service from Translation to Printing)
Bayer Industry Services (Medical documents)
Haansoft (HWP, The representative word processor in Korea)
New York City (Emergency manuals)
GM Daewoo (Lacetti buide book)


And many more

We translate documents in all areas including:
Aerospace technologies, agrochemistry, architecture, audio-visual equipment, automotive body, automotive chassis, automotive drivetrain, automotive electronics, automotive emission control systems, automotive engine, automotive hybrid vehicles, automotive internal combustion engine oils/lubricants, automotive vehicle navigation, biotechnology, brewing, business to business advertising, catalytic converter technologies, civil engineering, communications, computer architecture, computer data compression systems, computer disc drives, computer flat panel displays, computer high-speed networks, computer image processing, computer ISDN, computer networking systems, computer neural networks, computer printer technology, computer routers, construction & engineering, data recording and transmission methods, electrical/electronics engineering, electronic devices, environmental engineering, file management systems, multiple tool control systems, machine tools, marine drilling technology, marine engineering, materials forming and casting, materials glass, materials metallic, materials polymers, metals plating and deposition techniques, motor control systems, optical recording heads, optics, pollution control, power generation, power nuclear generation, power transmission, printing and papers, railroad technologies, remote control systems, research chemistry, robotic devices, satellite transmission systems, semiconductor fabrication equipment, semi-conductors, servo systems, software, systems engineering, telecom call center hardware and software, telecom cellular radio, telecom centrex, telecom computer telephone integration (CTI), telecom PBX, telecom personal communications systems (PCS), telecom portable telephones, telecommunications, textiles, waste disposal and treatment, waste paper recycling plants, water softening systems, and many more.


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